Case Studies

In a small local community of about 1500 homes there is a 26-acre park.

Local community

landscape tennis court

There is also a couple of tennis courts and a junior school. The estate development was through Ahmad Land Estate Group, a prestigious developer in the area and a company that Mushrif Central Park has worked with previously. As a new community development there were many opinions offered by the new residents, with some of unusual and unrealistic expectations that had to be managed.

Information about the landscape conditions and what is possible was shared with residents through discussions and through lots of photographs, so homeowners can see the material visually. One topic was about irrigation controllers which showed residents how to ensure most water was used on the gardens, not on the pavements. Weekly meetings with the property management team to deal with questions or concerns helped to answer some enquiries.

The school frontage and playing fields were part of the landscape maintenance contract, so it was vital that scheduling was clear and that safety was clearly understood and incorporated. This means that school grounds are serviced when the kids are in class and the servicing of the playing field is monitored so the five-man crew can work without causing disruption to the school timetable.

Commercial property

commercial properties

An innovative scientific facility should be reflected by an impressive landscape according to our landscape designers. Using sustainable materials, the curb appeal as enhanced by our qualified commercial landscape company who were able to manage the large site, standardise scheduling and follow protocol as the site was using and storing sensitive materials. Safety was one of the highest priorities.

Mushrif Central Park manages all of the landscape exterior, including irrigation, tree work and chemical applications on the properties. Maintaining the native plant material in manicured areas requires additional management during the spring season.

Stormwater Management

stormwater manaement

There has been an increased demand worldwide in dealing with the effects of drought, but also stormwater. Mushrif Central Park has expertise in water and drainage issues. On one site it maintains ponds that are part of the stormwater management system, making sure the grass and plants are cut back.

Water quality is maintained in the ponds as weeds are tackled without the use of synthetic chemicals. Installation, maintenance and repair of an irrigation system has enabled the site to be more sustainable and water efficient. Landscape management means that we are looking out for and prevent or fix problems before they become issues for the client. Not only does Mushrif Central Park offer high-quality services, we appreciate that excellence in customer service is also important.


retail properties

When running errands, going out to eat or window-shopping on a high street you can be out and about from early morning to late at night. This means there are diverse needs and work can only be done in the very early hours when there are the least number of people about. Shops, like residential gardens, have much smaller areas to maintain, but they need careful maintenance.

Container gardens in temperate climates are replaced in spring with pastel pinks and yellows and in the autumn deeper reds. In the heat of the summer sun, watering of all pots are factored into the regular maintenance plan. Regular pruning of mature trees and trimming of shrubs is needed.