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Mushrif Central Park is an award-winning garden designer agency based in Dubai. Started in 2004, by Erfan Mirza the agency has since expanded to include both skilled garden designers, and craftsmen who can work in a range of environment from the deserts of Arabia to the temperate climate in Europe.

At Mushrif Central Park, we offer a full-service garden design consultancy which includes garden design, construction management, planting and garden styling whether this is for a small courtyard garden or a major rural landscaping project.

Our gardens are known for their strong, architectural lines, clever planting and contemporary, elegant styling. Mushrif Central Park also specialise in garden lighting and the best in irrigation systems. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that the garden design brief is clear and is interpreted correctly in the finished plan.

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Our garden design team

Over the years Mushrif Central Park has grown to be a team of skilled garden and landscape designers passionate about using space to celebrate the landscape, bring out its best features for a space for everyone to enjoy.

Our good reputation is based on the fact that we make sure all the small details are correct, as well as taking pride in the overall result of the task being set. Most important is that we fully understand and fulfil our clients’ expectations, within budget requirements. Not only do our designs look good, they are realistic, inspiring and beautiful. Do not hesitate to hire our team to arrange your garden for a special day like engagement, Valentine's day or any other occasion. And if you want your garden to be even more special and romantic, it can be used some elegant and beautiful roses from The Eternity Rose.

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Mushrif Central Park have designed and created gardens for a broad range of budgets and for gardens that are small, large or unusual, such as an urban roof-top garden. Whether residential or urban gardens, country gardens and estates. Mushrif Central Park is able to create a unique design to each client. Past designs have been tradition, modern, contemporary, wild and unusual.

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On many of the design projects from Mushrif Central Park, we will need to bring in equipment to change the landscape. Our priority is to minimise clearing and damage to existing plants, which means our plans will include limited moving of construction equipment. On large park projects we will work with the existing lay of the land where possible, or copy the natural topography when grading is unavoidable.

Wherever we use equipment, of if the project requires equipment for maintenance once we have left, we factor in costs, access and manoeuvrability. For large projects, the design will incorporate onsite storage and maintenance space for the equipment.

Aside from using energy efficient equipment to create the design, Mushrif Central Parks also installs play equipment in public parks, usually designed for children in two age brackets, being 2-5 years and 5-12 years of age, providing play opportunities appropriate to the stage of development. We use durable, easy to repair equipment and safety surfacing.

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Many projects that we are proud of

Mushrif Central Park has worked on more than 200 hundred projects and we are proud of all of them, though not all for the same reason. One brief was to ensure that a rejuvenated New York city park cleaned the air, absorbed storm water, provide wildlife habitat and considered the challenges of climate change.

Another project was a long-term project in which we requested public opinion before going ahead with re-designing another public park visited by people of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. We were able to put together a plan with the help of local people, keeping on time, in budget and with the continued goodwill of those living in the neighbourhood, now regular users of the park as a green space and play area.

At Mushrif Central Park we want our designs to delight. This can take many forms including using seasonal planting so the landscape can look completely different over the course of the seasons. We can create a look of beauty that is contemporary or whimsical. At Mushrif Central Park we work with nature to create different sorts of landscapes so that the space can be more than just a place to wander or to look at. At the same time, we ensure that the ecology of the place remains unharmed and, in many cases, can improve the environment now and in the years ahead.

We use the natural and historic importance of each site and interpret it in our designs, understanding existing microclimates and creating new microclimates to fit how the space is going to be used, sometimes being able to extend the growing season. It is rare than a project is a completely blank space. This means that part of our design process will focus on the preservation of existing environmental features where possible. What this means is that we understand and preserve, restore or regenerate the vital relationships between water, soil and plants on the site, which can lead to increased diversity in vegetation and habitat.

At Mushrif Central Park our designs consider maintenance so that no extensive repairs or modifications are required. We select materials from sources that can be verified and where production methods are environmentally sound. We can source recycled or recyclable materials that will last.

All our design projects are collaborative, whether with the sole owner of rural site or the urban Parks Department and other city agencies. With the large municipal projects, we begin a public consultation process to include their knowledge of the site and where recreational preferences can be incorporated into the brief. In all, our aim is to provide a beautiful, sustainable, environmentally friendly landscape to be enjoyed by future generations because of the incorporated regenerative systems.

Case Studies

Here are just some of the projects where Mushrif Central Park has helped with improving the landscaping.

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Local community

In a small local community of about 1500 homes there is a 26-acre park. There is also a couple of tennis courts and a junior school.

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commercial garden property

Commercial property

An innovative scientific facility should be reflected by an impressive landscape according to our landscape designers.

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beach coast stormy weather

Stormwater Management

There has been an increased demand worldwide in dealing with the effects of drought, but also stormwater. Mushrif Central Park has expertise in water and drainage issues.

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retail shopping centre


When running errands, going out to eat or window-shopping on a high street you can be out and about from early morning to late at night.

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