Professional Hardscaping Installation and Lighting

Recognising that every installation is unique, we offer several high-quality fixture options, models and finishes.

We have a team of specialist lighting designers and technicians committed to service and customer satisfaction. Everything we install is also serviced to ensure longevity.

Mushrif Central Park are confident we can enhance your outdoor living experience and bring aesthetic beauty to your home and business. We are also committed to keeping your system running at peak performance for years to come.

Lighting for new or existing hardscape

When adding lighting to hardscape features, our lighting contractor can work with the rest of the construction team to plan where the lighting will go, how it will work with structures and what needs to be done. Since the lighting team won’t have to retrofit or make changes to anything later on once the feature is built, you can save money on installation.

Where a patio, seating wall, driveway or other hardscape feature already exists, it is possible to retrofit lighting, even if there is no lighting sleeve under the material to help with installation.

In an ideal world, the best time for lighting in a professional hardscape installation is int eh middle of the construction phase, but we can work with you at any time. This is why who you hire to install the lighting is even more important than when they install it.

We have the tools and knowledge to retrofit hardscape lighting to any feature in a way that does not leave any wires, holes or anything else that takes away from your illuminated outdoor space. We install our lighting systems to last a lifetime

Remember, though hardscape lighting adds ambiance and enhances the beauty of the overall scene, it also adds safety and security.

Choosing landscape lighting

Landscape lighting has a number of benefits. It offers security by discouraging theft or criminal activity on your premises. It also aids safety by illuminating walkways, reducing the risks of falls. Landscape lighting can be used to highlight features such as entrances and when entertaining in the grounds, can be used to highlight features such as statues, fountains or the beauty of your own home after dusk. Lighting can also be used to create an inviting, romantic atmosphere, making it a perfect for hotels offering wedding packages to their guests.

Lighting choices

We understand that landscape lighting demands a big investment so it’s our job to make the process as straightforward as possible from consultation and proposal to installation and maintenance.


We offer a no-obligation on-site consultation for lighting so that we can get to know your tastes and see the location where you want a lighting system. The landscape is assessed and thoughts discussed about potential design ideas.


Considering all practical issues, we put together a beautiful design, detailing all the landscape lighting for your property. This will include a full technical specification of high-quality products as well as pricing and a prospective timeline.


On approval of the landscape lighting proposal, installation will be scheduled to be as slick and efficient as possible. This means that installation of the existing landscape creates little disruption and can be completed in just a few days.


Mushrif Central Park will carry out an annual maintenance, as well as necessary repairs, upgrades and overhauls you might want.