Here are the main services on offer from our professional and experienced team.

lawn mower green grass

Lawn Mowing

We offer professional lawn mowing services that are quick and efficient, allowing you to relax and enjoy your freshly manicured grass. We offer different contracts on a seasonal basis so that your lawn looks good all year round.

field landscape


A good irrigation system is a key part of making your lawn, plants, garden healthy and green. We can help reduce water waste with a correctly design system which makes sure plants stay healthy even when you are away from home.

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Landscaping is the planning, laying out and construction of gardens in such a way that they enhance the appearance and create useable space for outdoor activities around a home. This is done in a number of different ways. It can include changing the shape of the land through grading, back-filling, mounding, terracing and more. As well as plants, which can be ornamental, edible, native or other types of landscaping plants, landscaping also includes structures, so we can build fences, decks, patios and other built features.

lawn maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Service

We can determine what types of grass will work best in your location and climate. Popular cool-season grasses, in locations where winter temperatures fall below freezing, include bluegrass, ryegrass and fescue. Warm season grasses include Bahia, Bermuda, Centipede and Zoysia. Lawn maintenance includes not just caring for the grass, but the soil, maintaining the soil’s pH is balance so that the lawn will look its best. When mowing, we will cut to the correct heights for a professional finish, and should you have a bare spot, we repair that for you.

sunshine rising landscape

Irrigation and Drainage

Mushrif Central Park can construct an automated irrigation system installed by qualified specialists. Draining excess water is important for keeping lawns and plants in best condition. In case of heavy and impermeable soils, we will incorporate a drainage facility into the design to stop over-watering and swamping.

tree and shrub care

Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs need to be pruned regularly. We can ensure that all trees and shrubs are pruned back when necessary. Our professional team have all the tools necessary to do this work safely and provide cost effective and expert tree cutting and shrub pruning services to our customers.

resential properties

Commercial and High-End Residential Properties

Mushrif Central Park are able to help with a wide range of commercial work, including everything from rental property gardens to business parks. We provide a professional service, tailor-made to fit your specific requirements.

lawn maintenance

Turfgrass renovations

If a lawn is to be renovated, we will test the soil for correct pH so that we can apply the correct amount of lime or acidifying material to apply. The existing lawn in then renovated by applying fertilizer and herbicides that do not inhibit the grass seeds. If there are a lot of perennial weeds, it may be that we re-establish a completely new lawn.

bedding plants

Bedding plant rejuvenation

Revitalising bedding plants is not a quick fix. Adding organic matter throughout a bed needs care. Some plants can be dug up and replanted after adding materials to the soil. Otherwise we carefully dig compost into the soil, without disturbing the roots. Other rejuvenation work can be done each season with a plant feed on top of the bed. Mushrif Central Park recycles leaves collected when tidying lawns so the garden can begin to feed itself.

professional paver

Professional paver/flagstone installation

We provide professional design, installations and maintenance of all phases of hardscaping, including pavers and paver lighting. This includes pool decks, driveways, patios and walkways.

house inside view flower pots

Retaining wall installation

As well as professional paving, we can also install retaining walls, water features, outdoor fireplaces/fire pits and outdoor kitchens. We will ensure that any mandatory permissions are sought before building a freeform or straight line retaining wall. We will suggest the blocks to choose from to create the best design.

person watering flowers

Power/pressure washing

Power washing is different to pressure washing in that the water is heated, which gives a cleaner finish. A power wash is the best choice for tough exterior cleaning jobs like garages, stadiums, or other outdoor spaces in the commercial sector as it is faster, cheaper, and provides a higher quality finish. Pressure washing works for smaller areas like driveways and decks.

line painting

Line painting

For commercial landscaping projects line painting help control vehicle and pedestrian traffic and maximise parking. The addition of other markings can be provided to ensure compliance with regulations. Repainting a parking lot makes the site look newer and well-maintained, enhancing curb appeal.

site enchancements

Yearly site enhancements

Dealing with nature can throw up some surprises, hence yearly site appraisals to see where enhancements can be made. Checks will be made for obstructions and how this affects sun and shade. Wind, compaction, drainage, wildlife interference and the state of existing plants are all assessed so that the site can be enhanced to be enjoyed throughout the next year.

Bulk / Bagged Materials

We offer a vast selection of premium bulk landscape materials, including bagged materials for small projects. For soils and planting we offer clean, grade A topsoil which is a rich blend of organic material, perfect for building up flower beds or seeding lawns. Fill dirt is a mix of topsoil, clay and garden waste used for filling in holes. Sweet Peat is an organic soil conditioner made from horse manure and compost blended together.

It is also used as a decorative mulch. Leaf humus is the perfect organic soil conditioner made from composted leaves. All our bark mulches are clean and contain no yard waste and are either double or triple shredded. We also offer paving stones, decorative gravels, boulders, shale, edging and tiles.

Commercial Landscaping Services

First impressions of your business begin long before you meet your client or customer. Their first impression is made from the pavement. Does your property’s landscaping display your business in a good light? Buying in commercial landscaping services to take care of the exterior, allows you to focus on the running of your business.

Mushrif Central Park pay very careful attention to the image your property projects to customers and employees, and we settle for nothing short of outstanding. We provide a full range of professional services from mowing and maintenance to complete landscape and hardscape design to create a positive and lasting impressions that will set you apart from ordinary.

We have also worked with developers, architects and landscape architects, garden designers and local authorities and have carried out many successful hard and soft landscaping projects across the UAE and elsewhere.

Each project has a manager who ensure that all runs smoothly. Our landscapers work hard to get the job done, keep mess and disruption to a minimum, and achieve the agreed standards in the agreed timeframe. Throughout the project, we’ll work closely with you and any other contractors involved.

Previous projects range from large scale paving and decking to the design and installation of commercial planting schemes. We have provided landscaping services in schools, museums and embassies as well as industrial warehouses, distribution centres and car showrooms. From shopping centres to small independent shops; from major city offices to sole proprietors from health care providers to landloards, we create landscapes that are both inviting and welcoming.

We use trusted suppliers with whom we have developed long-standing relationships and who provide good quality, durable materials.

industrial landscape

Industrial properties

Distribution centres, manufacturer showrooms and company warehouses have different landscaping requirements to apartment complexes or local shopping centres, but we are experienced in dealing with all types of exterior space. The priority for industrial sites is that they be well lit, with clear parking spaces and walkways. Commercial landscape services also have a focus on reducing worker liability around the grounds. Our landscape designs also help in highlighting building entrances, signage and outdoor seating areas.

retail plants

Retail properties

From market stalls to high streets, you want your store to have high visibility to impress pedestrians. Bold native vegetation and shaded common outdoor areas are just some of the ideas we can help you with.



Professional landscape design, construction and maintenance can help attract new tenants and keep new tenants happy. We provide solutions for dull areas, deal with inefficient irrigation and much more so that you have an attractive landscape around your property.

office properties

Office properties

A well designed and maintained office landscape has been proven to positively impact the productivity and mental health of those working in the building. Whatever the type of office space, we can design a landscape with a focus on the building entrances, outdoor patios, turn ins and curb appeal.

gated communities

Gated communities

For those living in gated communities, the landscape requirements will be unique to each, both in design and in maintenance. From onsite health and wellness facilities to visitor parking and the leasing office, the grounds of the housing development should be attractive and pedestrian friendly at all times for current and potential tenants.

hospital plants

Medical facilities

The landscape around a medical facility should be welcoming and tidy. Whether a hospital, medical centre or assisted living facility, grounds that foster a sense of peace and well-being for patients and their families through inviting entryways, tranquil green spaces, comfortable outdoor seating and sensory gardens have been scientifically proven to benefit patient’s sense of wellbeing.

Residential Landscaping Services

Mushrif Central Park can transform your garden into a private safe, peaceful retreat, or a fun play space, or an impressive summer entertaining area. It may be possible to divide off different areas of your garden to meet different requirements so that your garden is a place for you, your family and friends to enjoy. We can design contemporary or traditional, low maintenance, raised beds. Perhaps you want to grow vegetables, plant an orchard or create a sensory garden. We will bring to life your ideas as we have done for hundreds of projects to date.

We will allocate a project manager who will oversee your landscaping plan from inception to completion. This project manager will ensure the job runs smoothly and is someone you can easily keep in contact with. Our garden landscapers work hard and are careful to minimise mess and disruption. At Mushrif Central Park our experience and knowledge means that we are always able to achieve the agreed works at the standard expected and within the agreed time specification.

Our garden designer may have created an entirely new outdoor environment for you, or perhaps some specific services to rejuvenate your garden. Everyone within the organisation works closely together, including trusted suppliers who provide high quality materials and plants.

Paving and driveways

We can create driveways that are in keeping with your home, your taste and your budget. With knowledge of a range of materials best suited for hard landscaping and your needs, we can work with different materials for a high-end finish with good quality and durable driveways. We offer the same for walkways and paving around pools. Decking is also something we include in our services.

You may prefer stone paths for a look that is more muted, and there are many natural materials available in a range of colours. Traditional tiles and mosaics also add colour to the garden.

Garden installation

Our horticulturists can implement your garden design. This can be anything from a small cottage garden, to just window boxes, planters or a complete garden makeover. We can create the perfect outdoor space to design and within an agreed timescale. Plants are supplied by specialist nurseries, guaranteeing the highest quality plants.

There are different options available. Our most popular is the consultation to talk through your ideas. After this, we choose the plants for your garden, place them in your garden and then install them.

You may prefer a more in-depth consultation if your garden is a more challenging space in either size, condition or topography. A consultation with our plant specialist will ensure you have the right plants for the conditions and you will receive a personalised planting list. If you wish, we can purchase and install the plants too.

Mushrif Central Parks can do a complete garden make-over from start to finish. Whether you have a blank slate of land or want a complete renovation, our designer will visit to take a site survey and talk through what you want, going through all the options and possibilities. This will all be written up in a detailed planting design and full price list.

The garden planning services include

  • Full survey and planting plans
  • Tree planting
  • Hedge planting
  • Shrubs, climbers and roses
  • Perennials, ferns, grasses etc.
  • Palms and tropicals
  • Topiary
  • Bulb planting
  • Pots, window boxes, balconies and roof gardens
  • Irrigation systems
  • Mulching, composting
  • Trellis, wire & eyes

From pruning roses to clearing large, overgrown gardens, Mushrif Central Park will dispose of all waste, leaving the area clean and tidy. Most work can be completed in a half or full day.