A little, simple introduction about us

New plants, climate, construction technologies have created the opportunity for us to broaden our knowledge over the years and link with specialists in particular fields.


At Mushrif Central Park our mission is to offer high-quality residential, commercial landscapes and maintenance. Collaborators with clients, we keep prices competitive whilst using premium grade materials to deliver the design that surpasses expectations and is kind to the environment.

Working in both corporate and residential garden design demands different skill sets that we can provide. As we focus on the personal involvement and experience of landscape in residential gardens, our work on corporate gardens and municipal parks allows us to work on meeting the varied needs of the community.



Mushrif Central Park is the catalyst for turning even the most challenging sites into gardens to be enjoyed. To continue to grow the business as the best landscaping designers in the field.

birdseye landscaping

Core Values

The core operating values at the heart of Mushrif Central Park influence ensure that as a professional organisation we able to work with a broad range of clients across a wide range of sites.


We are totally committed to high standards in all aspects of our business. This means that we: Use the best materials, searching out new materials that are kind to the environment. Employ the best workers for the project who are able to mentor and train others Provide the best service and continually look for opportunities to improve The work environment is safe, with no compromises and continual vigilance


As a leader in landscape design Mushrif Central Park values leadership, which means Delivering the highest standards in quality and service Taking into account the environmental impact of changes requested to find ways to work around or off-set them. To work with integrity and professionalism with all those we come into contact with in relation to any project being worked on. Supporting co-operation, adapting to changes expected and unexpected whilst maintaining effective communication. Reinvest in new equipment, processes, facilities and people to help the business grow, providing future opportunities for growth

To give back to the community via community-based projects, such as municipal park projects.